Dear ADITI members and our guests to our website

The genesis of ADITI can be traced back to the vision of a group of dental professionals who envisioned a fresh and dynamic environment in India’s dental scenario, in line with the global trends where trade barriers are no longer extant and where science and technology rules the roost. A forum like ADITI where manufacturers, traders, importers and all others connected with the dental trade fulfilled a vital gap in the link between dental practitioners, academia, manufacturers and traders, apart from giving voice to the aspirations of all in representations and discussions with the Government.

With modest beginnings nearly two decades ago, ADITI has made rapid strides in establishing itself as a respected, responsible and dependable body. Of course, this growth has had its share of troubles and heartburns, but it has triumphantly overcome all obstacles to stand today as a premier body of dental trade professionals. I, as President, along with the managing committee members have formulated a mission of

  • Bringing the best of dental technology to India.
  • Making available world class dental equipments to dental professionals at affordable prices.
  • Conducting expos and exhibitions all over India to acquaint dental professionals with current global trends.
  • Providing a platform for dental professionals to air their opinions, suggestions and grievances and trying to provide acceptable solutions.

This in brief is my vision for ADITI, poised as it is on an upward growth trajectory.

Dr. B. S.Shetty